One Divine Day album cover

One Divine Day

“This is quite possibly the best album of its kind… and it’s kind of disc that should find fans outside of the power pop subgenre.” – AbsolutePowerPop

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“Each track is compelling and overall this album is a real treat for lovers of classic melodic rock.”

One Divine Day (originally titled “wunjo”) is the first studio album by American rock band Oberon Rose, via ThouART Records. Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose had at this time just moved up to Woodstock NY from NYC to focus on songwriting as a team. The original idea for the album was to produce a lofi psych/folk/pop record recorded entirely
on a cassette 4-Track. Tommy did just that but in the end he felt it sounded too much like a demo and proceeded to
re-record it with Pro-Tools. A lot of the original 4-Track stuff did still end up on the record to maintain the lofi vibe
that was originally intended.

Another interesting tidbit, the album was written and recorded while living in the very same cottage that was previously the place of residence for none other than Levon Helm back in the late 60’s.

All songs written by Tommy Oberon & Rebecca Rose

Tommy Oberon – vocals, guitar, bass, mellotron, wurlitzer, percussion
Doug Clark – drums (trks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8)
Jay Hough – drums (trk 2)
Kurt Reil – drums (trk 10)

Recorded and Produced by Tommy Oberon
Mixed by Kurt Reil and Tommy Oberon
Mastered by Alex Saltz