Holographic Blues album cover

Holographic Blues

“The sound they make comes across as rocking, robust and decidedly their own.  Credit this outfit with serving up a truly exceptional effort.”
– Lee Zimmerman/Goldmine Magazine

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“imagine if Thin Lizzy happened to meet up with The Only Ones in the studio toward the
end of the 70s and unleashed a power-pop and punk-infused masterpiece…”

– Beats Per Minute

Holographic Blues is the third studio album by American rock band Oberon Rose, released in January of 2021 via ThouART Records. After playing a playing shows and residencies all around the north east in support of their previous album Tell Me All About It, Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose got down to business with writing new songs for this album.

The album had a couple of false starts due to unexpectedly having to replace their drummer. However, it did get back on track once Glen Metcalfe joined on drums. They also worked with Vance Powell on some mixes but they were earlier versions of the songs that were then re-recorded.

Between finishing the album and its release, Tommy & Rebecca relocated down to Nashville, TN.

All songs written by Tommy Oberon & Rebecca Rose

Tommy Oberon – vocals, guitar, bass, mellotron, synth, percussion
Chris Listorti – backing vocals, bass (trks 2 & 6), piano, synth
Glen Metcalfe – drums

Recorded and Produced by Tommy Oberon
Mixed by Kurt Reil and Tommy Oberon
Mastered by Joe Lambert