“The sound they make comes across as rocking, robust and decidedly their own. Credit this outfit with serving up a truly exceptional effort.”
– Lee Zimmerman/Goldmine Magazine

Nashville, TN’s Oberon Rose draws from a wide swath of the western canon of music. Weaving together everything from folk, country, and blues to glam rock, and classic pop. Wherever the muse leads them, though, thought provoking lyrical imagery and engaging melodic hooks are always at the forefront.
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OUT JANUARY 20, 2023

Purple, Blue & Crimson album cover

Oberon Rose announce their new album ‘Purple, Blue & Crimson,’ slated for release on January 20th. The ten-song collection is a sonic journey filled with memorable riffs, melodies and lyrical imagery that is sure to lift you out of the doldrums of everyday life. The first single “Revelation Mountain” is a hard stomping, bluesy, psychedelic, rock and roll revival done the way only Oberon Rose knows how to do.

Purple, Blue & Crimson opens with the title track and then proceeds through many peaks and valley’s. Each song different from the next, with its own unique character, but yet all sounding unmistakably like Oberon Rose. From high-energy to melancholy, from whimsical to transcendent, these are the true colors that make this album so compelling.

Produced entirely in house by Tommy Oberon, all songs are written by Tommy and Rebecca Rose. This 34 minutes of music is sure to be on repeat, or better yet, on your turntable.

FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Nashville’s Oberon Rose Keeps It Loud, Bluesy & Psychedelic On Might ‘Purple, Blue & Crimson’

January 19, 2023

Rock in its most pure and raw form seems a rare commodity of late- either it’s got too much pop sheen or trying too hard to be twangy Americana. Bluesy psych rock that rings with charismatic frontman soul is back from none other than Nashville’s Oberon Rose.

Glide is premiering Purple, Blue & Crimson in its entirety. Fans of All Them Witches, Howlin’ Rain and Hawkwind will find this tight outfit and its psych flourishes a welcoming listen. We were certainly floored by this 34-minute howler with its potent guitar solos and echoey vocals. Purple, Blue & Crimson is set to be released January 20th.
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Oberon Rose Premieres Their Soaring “Revelation Mountain” Music Video

by Aaron Willschick
April 17, 2023

Colourful is a nice way of describing Oberon Rose, not just because of their vibrant new music video for Revelation Mountain.” It’s also an accurate comparison of their brand new full-length Purple, Blue & Crimson, the collection of songs in which you will find “Revelation Mountain,” released this past January via ThouART Records.

With its impressive pallet of colours and shades, the video features the band performing the song, with their dynamic chemistry on display, skillfully playing off each other and seemingly having a blast the whole way through. Southern in its sound and production, “Revelation Mountain” also features a bluesy, psychedelic influence that doesn’t sound like anything else out there right now.
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Support from our friends across the pond (UK Radio)

“Here’s a song thats been a real earworm for me this week, clearly a band with impeccable influences. This combo hail from Nashville, that’s home at the moment, and when they get together they make music under the name of Oberon Rose.”
– Gary Crowley/BBC Radio London

“Now let’s have something brand new from a band based in Nashville, Tennessee and I played one of their tracks maybe a couple of months back and I just love this sound, I don’t know it’s quite hard to.. umm.. it makes me feel like they’re just like giving you a hug that’s slightly too tight, but not unwanted (laughs). It’s the first single from their new album ‘Purple, Blue and Crimson’, coming out in January next year on ThouART Records, this is Oberon Rose and Revelation Mountain…”
– Amy Lamé / BBC 6 Music

“Now let’s head over to a brand new track from Oberon Rose and their dynamic combination of Folk, Country, Blues, Glam rock and Classic pop. Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee and written in their home studio there, their latest album ‘Purple Blue and Crimson’ came out on Friday on the band’s own label ‘ThouART Records’…really love the sound of this so enjoy!”
– Amy Lamé / BBC 6 Music

Oberon Rose Preaches the Gospel of Psych Rock
on new LP “Purple, Blue & Crimson”

Having been called “psych rock in its most pure and raw form” (Glide), it’s clear Oberon Rose is a band that is letting the music do the talking. Wherever the muse leads them, though, thought provoking lyrical imagery and engaging melodic hooks are always at the forefront.

Made up of the songwriting duo of Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose, the band got its start in New York City. Now based out of Nashville, Oberon and Rose have found inspiration in the Music City. This can be heard on their new release, Purple, Blue & Crimson. Released via ThouART Records the record stays true to the duo’s writing style and influences, yet it is imbued with a bluesier feel.
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This album kicks off with the title track, Purple, Blue & Crimson and I was instantly transported to a different era as the song took over my house. I could smell the patchouli, hear the beaded doorways rattle with sound, and see the tapestries hanging from the walls and over the windows. Okay, maybe I’m a bit off of my description but the timeless psychedelic vibes that reigned supreme throughout this song definitely had me blasted back into the 70s which, in actuality, I know nothing about other than what I’ve seen in movies. Regardless, I loved how this song instantly took me away from my computer and the stress of work and was beyond excited to see if this mood would keep up throughout the album.
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Holographic Blues album cover

US College and AAA
Radio Campaign

by Bethany Page
January 30, 2021

Cutting into the central harmony that supplies “Falling Up” with its greatest vitality, a brisk but boldly colorful lead vocal is here to tie every eccentric element in Oberon Rose’s sound together. This isn’t the first time the band has delivered something ambitious in subtle packaging, but while the anticipation leading up to their most recent studio offering Holographic Blues has been considerable, they haven’t bitten off more than they can chew in its nine songs at all. Oberon Rose are manifesting their own destiny in this record, and it all starts with giving us everything with maximum strength.
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“imagine if Thin Lizzy happened to meet up with The Only Ones in the studio toward the end of the 70s and unleashed a power-pop and punk-infused masterpiece, one that seems content to rattle around in your head for days. The guitars are properly fierce and the vocals are made for boisterous sing-alongs. As we approach the new year, it seems fitting to cap the last 12 months with voices joined together and middle fingers raised to all the terrible things we’ve gone through.”
– Beats Per minute

“Holographic Blues celebrates the classic rock model without ever having to recycle any of its most familiar pillars”
– Too Much Love Mag

“The opening, driving track “Sinner” is highly addictive with its strong power pop vibe and the band hardly lets up for the next 30 minutes. Part of the band’s appeal is the stellar backing vocal, once commonplace on rock albums, that seem pretty rare nowadays.”
– Glide Magazine

“The rockabilly-like “Sinner” kicks it up a notch with its hard-smacked beat, low-register bass line pluck, sharp ring of fast-strummed guitars, and richly swirling, psych-tinged harmonies.”
– The Big Takeover


From the album ‘Tell Me All About It’

“The visuals get almost hypnotizing but the catchy song is what will really get inside your head.”
– Surviving the Golden Age

“Oberon Rose’s new music video “No Stranger” isn’t for the faint of heart or those looking to hate on analogue rock n’ roll, but if you’ve got the chops to see it for the staggering rip tide that it really is than its excitement is exactly what the doctor ordered. Neatly sewn together like an elaborate tapestry, the video for “No Stranger” guns after our subconscious like a mad hypnotist…”
– Indie Shark

“This song is super and I mean super catchy! Oberon Rose have a great way of writing songs that will be noticed. Their sound is retro and packed with Psychedelic pop sounds. It does not matter what genre you want to put it in, I say it is one damn good song.”
– Music Injection


Tell Me All About It album cover

I honestly can’t think of a better time than now to unleash this kind of classic retro style of rock music to the world. I mean – we really need it right now… This latest 9 song LP by Oberon Rose is a ray of light outfitted with a distinctly familiar 60’s style rock feel with a slight punkish edge that takes no prisoners.”
– Vents Magazine

“if you’re looking for a psychedelic musical experience with sonic ambience, theatrical brilliance and a psychedelic rock aftertaste, then I highly recommend you take a listen”
– No Depression

“Tell Me All About It” by Oberon Rose is about love and life and delivers several superb performances from these 3 via an impressive songwriting partnership by Tommy Oberon, Lyrics written by Rebecca Rose… Oberon Rose questions a traditional rock sensibility and offers listeners a glimpse into the future of music by taking a script from the past. What’s apparent from the 9 tracks featured is this is a surprisingly tight band with elite writing skills.”
-Indie Band Guru